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Five Axis CNC Centerless Grinder
Asteroid is proud to be a Midwest leader in the production of sophisticated machined parts, providing solutions for the most complex machining projects. Our Five Axis CNC Centerless Grinder can grind parts with 4-5 profiles in a single set-up. By reducing set-up time, performing fewer operations and increasing production rates, we provide a cost effective answer to complex, intricate shapes. Best of all, this machine holds extremely tight tolerances to provide our customers with exacting quality.

CNC Cylindrical OD Grinding
Asteroid Precision Grinding is a proud user of the most sophisticated CNC cylindrical grinders available. These machines are equipped with plunge and angle wheel capabilities and are capable of grinding parts up to 11.8˝ in diameter, up to 40˝ in length. Featuring full CNC automatic dressing, as many as 29 features can be ground automatically to reduce set-up changeover. They use high accuracy automatic length compensation probing with automatic gauging capable of consistently maintaining work piece diametrical and face width tolerances (to less than .0001˝), regardless of the part lot size (10 parts or 1,000,000). In addition, each grinding machine is fully programmable for complex wheel form dressing, taper, and radius grinding—and nine of Asteroid’s machines feature CNC face grinding capabilities.